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Benefit from the diversityof your team

Intercultural Competence and Communication

Inhouse Seminar: Intercultural Competence and Communication

Today, diversity and collaborative working are hot topics in business. Within your own company, at the supplier or with customers you are faced with different cultural backgrounds.

For achieving an excellent collaboration the following aspects should be focused on:

  • Developing awareness of cultural differences. 
  • Understanding the “difference” as an invitation for changing your perspective and generating new approaches for solutions.
  • Creating a mutual behaviour within diversity.

We offer workshops to enhance your international business relationships and supporting your sustainable international growth.

Intercultural competence means the ability to operate and communicate effectively and appropriately in a variety of cultural contexts. We support you in developing understanding and acceptance among different cultures.

What is in for you?

  • Your intercultural teamwork will be more effective and efficient.
  • Setting up your own charta for meetings and communication.
  • Generating a mutual understanding of “internal” rules and habits founded on the basis of respect.
  • You will profit from the knowledge of the whole team.
  • No more loss of information due to misunderstanding and false interpretation.
  • Security in entering new cultural terrain.
  • Benefit from the diversity of your team!

Our Approach

The workshop is based on developing awareness of each other’s own culture. Achieving the ability to recognize the different rules and values of other cultures. 

You receive knowledge of different dimensions of cultural values and have an insight into communication styles. The final step is to develop your skills of behaviour for your daily business. These three steps will result in your perfection of intercultural competence.

The Methodology

The Training is practice-oriented. The participants exchange their experiences and together we develop your internal guidelines. We will tailor the workshops according to your needs.

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