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Inhouse Seminar Details

Doing Businessin Germany

Dos and Don´ts, challenges and must haves.

Doing Business in Germany

Inhouse Seminar: Doing Business in Germany

You have already met blunt, inflexible, always on time and totally humorless Germans? Then you have encountered some stereotypes as well as plenty of truths. Yet, working in Germany and doing business with the Germans can be a lot of fun and extremely enterprising, if you hang on for the ride. Just observing a few cultural differences and being aware of how we do things around here, will ensure that you have a successful work experience in Germany and establish business partnerships for life as well.

This workshop is based on developing awareness of your own culture and the culture of your business partners, mainly the German culture. By increasing your ability to recognize the different rules, behaviors and values of another culture you will gain a more relaxed approach to deal with cultural differences that could cause irritation. After attending this workshop, you will be able to operate and communicate effectively and appropriately in a variety of cultural contexts.


  • You feel more relaxed about meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and will work with ease in an international environment.
  • You will learn how to prevent or deal with misunderstandings and how to handle difficult situations.
  • Your work experience in the German business culture will become more pleasant and successful.

Target group

Managers and employees in responsible positions who are doing business in Germany or who are working in Germany on assignment.


Expert input, group discussions, role play, real life cases and a practical business dinner.


  • What is culture and how is our behavior determined by it?
  • The cultural dimensions by Hofstede versus the Lewis model
  • How national culture influences the predominant communication style
  • Essentials of German work life
  • Handling meetings in Germany and why diversity achieves better results
  • Surviving and enjoying a German business dinner

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